Pasture-Raised Beef

cows2We are very pleased to announce that we now have grass fed and finished beef available by the cut.

We raise Scottish Highland cattle. Highland cows are especially well suited to our farm, these wonderful animals are gentle, cold hearty and enjoy “brushy” pasture.

We grass feed and grass finish our beef. Cows are ruminants and their bodies have evolved to eat grass pasture exclusively. In an effort to get cows to a market weight faster or increase the fat content of the meat, many farmers grain feed or grain finish their beef. However grain feeding cows can make the animals sick and leads to the routine use of antibiotics. Scottish Highland cows have a reputation of naturally marbling their meat without being grain finished.

One way you can tell that an animal was grass fed and finished is by looking at the color of the fat. Grass finished beef has a slight orange hue. This is due to the high amount of beta-carotene present in the pasture that is then present in the meat.