Other Meat


Rabbit meat has experienced tremendous growth in popularity recently. In fact, we have had several high end restaurants contact about sourcing rabbit for their menus. Our pasture raised rabbits live in one of several floorless pens that are moved every day to fresh pasture.

We have several different breeds of meat rabbit including Champagne, New Zealand, and Californias. Rabbit meat can be cooked in almost anyway that you can cook chicken. It can be substituted without changing the recipe. We find that the meat tastes similar the the dark meat of chicken.

Our rabbit production is year round. New York does not allow us to process rabbits ourselves so we need to take them in batches to be processed. We normally take a batch in every month or two. And then we have those rabbits on hand until we sell out.



Our farm has many pastures that have not been grazed or hayed for several years and have become “brushy.” That is good news for our goats, since they have similar dietary preferences to deer and  thrive on brush. Our goats co-graze with cows in the same pasture where each get the diet that is best suited for them. We are currently growing our goat herd, so our goat meat availability is limited. Please contact us to see what we have available.



Our lamb is grass-fed and finished. It is surprising to many that lamb can come any other way, but it is a common practice to grain feed lamb in order to get them to market weight as fast as possible. We prefer to take a little bit longer, but feed them a natural diet – and we are proud of the results. We are currently growing our sheep herd, so our lamb is meat availability is limited. Please contact us to see what we have available.



We typically raise two batches of turkeys each year. One for Thanksgiving and a summer batch that we plan to have made into cuts and ground turkey. If you are interested in turkey meat please let us know and we will update you with expected availability.

We will be raising standard broad breasted white turkeys that typically weigh 15 to 25 pounds. Our turkeys are kept in small day range paddocks that are moved on a regular basis. Our Thanksgiving turkeys sell out fast, so contact us to be placed on the order list if you would like make a deposit to reserve a bird.