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Orders may be picked up on the farm or at one of the farmers’ markets we attend. We accept cash, check, and credit card at the time of pickup.

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Our chickens are pasture raised and humanely butchered on our farm. They are fed a diet of pasture, organic soy-free feed, fruit & vegetable pulp, brewer's grains and cheese for protein.
Perfect for making stock or bone broth. This pack includes back, rib bones, neck, and organ meat.


We carry a variety of specialty items such as back fat, trotters, ears, jowls, kidney, tail, skin, heart, liver and tongue. Pricing for these items range from $3-5/lb. Please use this area to order any of these items.


Notes on our products

Buying whole or half of a pig, cow, lamb, or goat

Weight of a whole or half animal is the “hanging weight,” or the weight of the carcass after all the inedible parts have been removed. A butcher fee is added to the overall price, and is based on the hanging weight and the types of cuts you choose.

For most folks who want a variety of cuts and ground meat, the butchering fees are:
Pork: $100 to $300
Beef: $200 to $500
Lamb: $75 to $100
Goat: $75 to $100